What is the Webalizer?

The Webalizer is a web server log file analysis program which produces usage statistics in HTML format for viewing with a browser. The results are presented in both columnar and graphical format, which facilitates interpretation. Yearly, monthly, daily and hourly usage statistics are presented, along with the ability to display usage by host, URL, referrer, user agent (browser), search string, entry/exit page, username and country (some information is only available if supported and present in the log files being processed). Processed data may also be exported into most database and spreadsheet programs that support tab delimited data formats.

The Webalizer supports IIS, Apache (custom format), Squid (HTTP proxy), CLF (common log format) log files, as well as Combined log formats as defined by NCSA and others, and variations of these which it attempts to handle intelligently.

Gzip compressed logs may now be used as input directly. Any log filename that ends with a '.gz' extension will be assumed to be in gzip format and uncompressed on the fly as it is being read.

In addition, the Webalizer also supports DNS and GeoIP look-up capabilities.

Installing the Webalizer

Running the Webalizer

Working with JavaScript Charts

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