Implement JavaScript charts


Use Highcharts to render the monthly summary, daily and hourly usage, as well as visitor countries charts.
  • JavaScript charts will be shown only JavaScriptCharts is set to Highcharts
  • PNG chart images should only be generated if JavaScriptCharts is not set
  • It should be possible to configure whether JavaScript chart implementation is loaded locally or from a 3rd-party server
  • Multiple {{JavaScriptChartsPath}} configuration variables may be added and each will be output instead of the default 3rd-party paths for each JavaScripts charts package
  • Due to possible licensing issues with Highcharts, the default Highcharts location should be on the Highcharts server and the Highcharts package will not be includes in the SSW distribution package.
Closed May 1, 2016 at 4:17 PM by StoneSteps